Play Outside the Box with Restaurant

Play Outside the Box with Restaurant



Hi! Need some more ideas on how you can take your play even further with the Savanna Box?  Well you've come to the right place! Take a look at these fun ideas and try some for yourself. Remember the only rule at Fair & Square Kids is Play Your Own Way! Don't forget to share your awesome out of the box thinking with us @fairandsquarekids


Wonder more!

Restaurants have been around forever! The idea goes all the way back to ancient civilizations including Rome and China. 

Bananas are classified as berries while strawberries are members of the Rose family!

Bananas can float in water!

What do animals eat if they are a carnivore? A herbivore? An omnivore? Which are you? 


Play more!

What kind of food do you cook in your house? Can you make a pretend meal that looks like something you would eat in your home?

What foods from other countries or cultures do you know?

What name will you give your restaurant? What kind of food do you make/offer? 

Who are the people in your box? How do they spend their time at your restaurant?


Explore more! 

Ask your caregiver if you can try one new food together at dinner tonight!

How do you think all the foods you eat end up on your plate? Can you ask someone, read a book/website or watch a video/show that helps you figure out the answer? Hint! There are a lot of steps before it gets to your grocery store.

Use your box as a tray and serve a snack to your friends or family members.

How could you use your “noodles” outside the box? Get help tying them all together and make a leash for one of your animal toys? Braid them? A hair tie for a doll? Make a picture by organizing them and gluing them to a page?


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