At Fair & Square Kids the only rule is Play Your Own Way!

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At Fair & Square Kids the only rule is Play Your Own Way!

Play Now

Play Your Own Way boxes teach kids to think outside the box through play. Each themed box is full of attention grabbing objects, playables (think play dough, pasta or corn!) and tools that kids will love to explore. Created by two moms, who also happen to be teachers, every box also contains a postcard full of play ideas for those who need help getting started, as well as a surprise out of the box item to push kids to think and play well beyond the box!

Pick Your Way to Play...

How We Help Little Minds Grow

Inspire a Sense of Wonder

We encourage children to ask questions and spark their curiosity. We give them the opportunity to become critical thinkers and confident decision makers.

Encourage Unstructured Play

We invite children to play creatively which helps their brains make new neural connections. We encourage kids to think outside the box and become better problem solvers.

Ignite the Desire to Explore

We ask children to look at the world differently and find the courage to try new things. We help them to become innovative thinkers who make a difference.

How It Works

Our boxes are designed to be used any way you want. Pick a box, dive in, and Play Your Own Way!

Not sure where to start? Grab our postcard full of ideas and ways to play!

Play Now

How do we ensure that kids build the skills they need to navigate an ever changing world? Encourage kids to think about the world differently today so that they can make a difference tomorrow.

Who We Are

Our Story

We are moms, sisters-in-law, teachers and we are Fair & Square Kids. Our own four kids were the inspiration behind this labor of love and now we want to help kids everywhere discover their limitless potential and Play Their Own Way.

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It is a happy talent to know how to play.

~Ralph Waldo Emmerson