Our Creatables

Are your creatables non toxic?

They sure are! We make all our creatables in our own kitchen and although they are not meant to be consumed, rest assured that they are safe for your big thinker. 

Why does the color transfer from your creatables?

Our creatables are natural products made from food safe ingredients.This can result in some color transfer occurring. We recommend that you play with dry hands. 

Why do some of your creatables smell like vinegar?

It was very important to us that our creatables be child safe. In order to help the color set vinegar is used. We rinse our products thoroughly but some vinegar smell may remain. The smell will diminish as you play. 


Do you ship internationally?

We ship within Canada and the United States. Just be sure to choose fairandsquarekids.ca or fairandsquarekids.com site and correct currency for best pricing and quickest delivery!

How long will it take to get my box?

Your box will be shipped within two to seven business days from the date of your order. Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid and national labor shortages, delivery services are all struggling. We will do our very best to get your box to you as quickly as possible. If you are local, we will deliver that beautiful box ourselves!

Our Boxes

Why does my box contents not look exactly like what is on your website?

We promise to never bait and switch! We have tried really hard to make sure our website pictures reflect exactly what you are getting. But please remember, we have chosen, by design, to mix up colors and offer a random selection of items. You will always receive what we say...it just may be orange in the picture and green in your box, or it may be a banana in the picture and you receive an apple! This approach has allowed us to offer you more content and encourages kids to think differently. 

Still think something is missing? Let us know! Our boxes are all made and hand packed by us and although we quality check every single item, it is quite possible we made a mistake! Please let us know and we will fix it. 

I missed out on one of your boxes, will you be offering them again?

One thing we are committed to is offering a product that we feel good about. Once we sell out of a box, that means we have used every single item we have ordered and will be moving on to the next unique and fun packed idea. But! That being said, we have always had the intention of bringing back fan favorites so again, get on our mailing list and let us know what you want!

Do you take special requests? 

Sure do! Want a special note included? Need the cost of the box to be hidden for the recipient? We’ve got you covered! Feel strongly about receiving a certain color item in your box (remember, part of what we offer is a chance to explore all textures, colors and shapes so the color of most of our items is randomly chosen). Don’t worry, we can help, just send us a note and we will let you know what colors are available and do our best to fill your request. 

Do you ever accept box suggestion themes?

Yes!  We make these boxes for you! And although our kids have provided us with a list of approximately 100 themes they'd like to see, we want you to have a say too! Reach out any time with your suggestions through email at kimberly@fairandsquarekids.com



How does my subscription work?

When you purchase a Big Thinker Bundle you will receive one box for three consecutive months. All Big Thinker Bundles will receive 10% off pretax and shipping cost when three boxes are paid in full. As an added bonus, subscribers will have early bird access to the next three month bundle product release. 

When does my subscription ship?

Boxes will be shipped on the 15th of the month. 

How does my shipping work?

Customers pay the total shipping cost for all three boxes at the time of purchase. 

Why should I subscribe?

Subscribers will have early bird access to the next three month subscription bundle release and will always receive the 10% savings.