Lunch is a Great Time to Think Big!

Lunch is a Great Time to Think Big!

If I am being completely honest, packing lunches is my least favourite part of parenting. I celebrate the school breaks even more knowing I don't have to do this most dreaded task. You'll even hear my kids say "Mom, are you happy you don't have to make lunches for a week?". You get the point. I'm not quiet about my feelings on packing lunches 😆

But one way that I have added a little joy is by including a small note in their lunches. Kim has always been better at this than me. She has been doing this for years and inspired me to finally do the same.

Encourage Big Thinking!

Besides being a welcome distraction from the mundane, this tiny gesture offers so much joy and excitement to the kids receiving them! Although we love writing little a note of encouragement we've found that lunch time is an amazing opportunity to get kids thinking big! My kids love to open their lunch and discover a question, picture, joke, or would you rather. They get to a fun surprise and they get to grow their brains while they're at it!

Want to hear the best part? It's the awesome conversations that happen at the end of the day. Our kids love to see what the other one answered and ask us the question or retell us the joke. This little prompt can result in a lot of big thinking, communication and connection!

Printable Lunchbox Notes

I know what you're thinking, "this sounds great but I don't have time to add another thing to my already long list!". Well we're here to help. We've made this a little easier for all parents by creating some free printables that you can download. No thinking required. Just print and cut and you're ready for the week! Be sure to come back to this page since we will be adding new lunch printables throughout the year.

Let us know how your kids enjoy them. We love hearing about your big thinkers!

Kim & Ori 💙💜

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