The Power of a Would You Rather

The Power of a Would You Rather

Would you rather questions are a favorite among kids. And for good reason. They love the silly possibilities and who doesn't love talking about themselves. But did you know that they are also a powerful tool for learning? It's true. Simply put, they help kids grow their brains! So how do they do this? Would you rather questions:

  • encourage kids to compare and contrast ideas
  • think critically
  • formulate an opinion
  • communicate effectively
  • confidently make decisions

You read that right. A would you rather question can encourage kids to do all of this! So give them a try. Your kids will have fun and be on their way to becoming a Big Thinker!

Want help getting started? Download our Big Thinker Would You Rather Holiday Edition below. And keep checking back for more exciting activities!

-Kim and Ori 💙💜

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